Discover Morro Bay


When it comes to planning your sporting event, venues and service matter. In Morro Bay, California, not only will you experience some of the best weather on the Central Coast of California, plus indoor and outdoor venues in San Luis Obispo County too! Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor sport, soccer, softball, pickleball or golf, for one day or a whole week – we will help connect you with venue just right for your event and it’s FREE! The Morro Bay Tourism Bureau can help package your whole experience with overnight lodging at any of the 37 unique motels, hotels and inns, campgrounds, RV parks and hundreds of vacation rentals. We can assist in a winning combination by adding in the all the activities your groups can enjoy before or after the game or competition is done. Just one call or email will score a win on your To Do list—contact us today.


Work with the winning team on California's Central Coast in Morro Bay! Yes, we all want to win and you will when you bring your tournament or competition to Morro Bay. Not only will our team help you find the ideal spot to hold your event, but we will provide additional complimentary services to stay on top of your planning.

Contact the team at the Morro Bay Tourism Bureau at 805-225-7411 ext 103 or via email at